High-quality Marble Virgin Mary Statue Outdoor Decor Supplier CHS-880

High-quality Marble Virgin Mary Statue Outdoor Decor Supplier CHS-880

The white marble Virgin Mary statue is a classic hot and selling catholic statue in our factory. If you need it, please contact us for more information.
Item No: CHS-880
Material: Natural White Marble
Type: Marble Religious Statue
Advantage: Factory Direct
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks
Package: Strong Wooden Case

Marble Virgin Mary Statue Introduction

The white marble Virgin Mary statue is hand carved from high-quality marble material by YouFine’s top artists. This marble sculpture of the Virgin Mary looks very holy and soft as if a golden glow could be seen emanating from her surroundings. With her head slightly bowed, her demeanor is very soft, and her hands are open as if she is preparing to embrace her devotees. The sculpture of the Virgin Mary is very evocative and makes people look very warm. We could see that this marble sculpture of the Virgin Mary is very fine, even the folds of her clothes and skirts could be seen. What’s more, this marble sculpture is carved with high-quality white marble, which increases the artistic value and collection value of the sculpture.

High-quality Marble Virgin Mary Statue Outdoor Decor Supplier CHS-880

How To Buy This High-Quality Sculpture of The Virgin Mary

This white marble sculpture of the Virgin Mary is a common model made in the YouFine factory, YouFine is very good at sculpting this kind of beautiful religious figure and the marble figures sculpted by YouFine are very popular, YouFine factory has a special religious department and most of the sculptors in this department are Catholics.

These sculptors are well-read in the Bible and know the stories of religious figures very well. And they often go to church and know the essence of religious figures. Therefore, the marble religious sculptures carved by them are very evocative and holy. What’s more, our top masters have inherited the Chinese artisan spirit and are very attentive to carving marble sculptures, so the marble sculptures we make are high-quality sculptures.

white virgin Mary statue -YouFine Sculpture

Strict Packaging Measures

YouFine factory would check the quality of the sculptures very carefully before shipping, and after our QC team determines that the sculptures are correct, we would complete the packaging process at the factory. YouFine pays great attention to the packaging of the sculptures, and to ensure the safety of the sculptures in transit, we pack the sculptures to the strictest standards.

First of all, we wrap the sculpture with the thick sponge and plastic foam. Secondly, we pack the sculptures in standard 3cm thick wooden boxes. This kind of packaging could guarantee the sculpture from damage in long-distance transportation to the maximum extent. What’s more, if the sculpture is unfortunately bumped during the transportation, there would be an insurance company to compensate you for the loss.

marble religious statues -YouFine Sculpture

More Options for Many kinds of Religious Statues

This marble sculpture of the Virgin Mary is the basic model of YouFine sculpture, in addition to the numerous religious statues we have made for churches and individual clients around the world. YouFine could create all types of sculptures, such as the marble Jesus sculpture, the marble Holy Angels sculpture, and other saints and virgin sculptures.

In addition to many styles of marble figure sculptures, YouFine also offers high-quality sculptures of marble church objects, including marble altars, marble pulpits, and more. You could contact our team for a consultation, and you would find that YouFine has a wide range of sculptures to meet all your sculpture needs.

marble virgin Mary statue -YouFine Sculpture

YouFine is a factory that makes sculptures with hearts, and every marble sculpture we make is carefully carved with high-quality marble. We aim to provide our customers with beautiful sculptures and comprehensive services. We hope you could feel the beauty of art from our sculptures and look forward to your purchase.